the true meaning of R&D

Ive always been one in the past to try to rescue every cheese "leave no cheese behind" type of thing. but this is my R&D year – where i dont have any pressures of commercial production – in order to perfect a few cheeses – so ultimately this mean being able to say "goodbye" to cheeses – The first week of "white cap" taught me a few things – the value of using a rennet curd instead of a lactic curd for example – The idea always is to manipulate one curd to make multiple cheeses – all cheesemakers do this – and i have had good success in the past ripening the "softie" (lactic curd) – so my intention for White Cap was to ripen softie. – well a funny thing happened along the way –

Last week i had limited milk and for the hell of it i used the "nuns’" recipe for a "soft ripened" cheese (rennet curd). – i set the milk at 77 F and made a great rennet cud – molded the cheese in the White Cap forms and laid excess curd out in pans. SHAZZAM!! that rennet curd has so many pros – it drains quickly so you can easily demold the cheeses the following day – after a day with some salt the fresh curd tasts great!! (sort of a nutty taste – dont know if the rennet imparts any flavour or not but that sht is gooood!!

so anyway i wasnt satisfied with the results of the finished cheeses (i really should have done a second filling of the molds with curd for a bigger cheese (i should have put p. candidum straight in the curd i should have had a higher setting temp like 86 f (nuns dont lie!!) etc etc – so i could have pressed forward ripening these but no – R&D means you pitch cheese out and try again – so out it went – tomorrow’s another week 🙂

the other thing im thinking now is Hay Jude should be the same rennet curd – we’ll keep you posted on that one.


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