finally got some cheeses in the ripening fridge with the 5th make – top row is ash covered white caps (coated with p. candidum) – second row are hay judes – half with wax, (that sexy tie is palm frond taken from the tree right outside the man pad door SHAZZAM!!) –
– other half im going to try to get a washed rind thing going – not sure if that’ll work with this curd – fridge is set at 55 F and cheese cloth on door is meant to keep humidity up – we’ll see we’ll see
both cheeses are with a rennet curd (nun’s soft ripened) so they should ripen well over the nex few weeks – will update with photos as mold takes hold!


One thought on “MAKE 5

  1. Hello I am not sure how to get hold of you….. i leave in bermuda and homeschool my 2 boys, i would love to find out if we can have a homeschool visit?

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