6 th DAY

its pretty amazing to think these mold covered little cheeses were milk just six days ago – i put a lot of the success to date on the fridge. I scooped this sub zero off of emoo for $600 – and what really makes it work is the $75 thermostat that keeps the box at a constant 55F – the humidity is taken care of with a sheet of cheesecloth that i soak at least once twice a day – ideal conditions for mold development and ripening cheese.

im going to make a few adjustments in the 6th make – the pyramids are still a little off kilter so to speak
6th make – temp up to 90F
once the curd is cut im going to leave it in the vat for considerably longer time – 45 minutes? – to let the curd contract and get a little "raspy"
im going to pack the mold a little and let the cheese sit in the mold longer – demold maybe late in the second day
all of this should lead to a firmer, slightly larger cheese (and maybe a lighter hand with the p. candidum spray)

every day i wash the p. candidum off of the Hay Judes – the mold is literally back in 24 hrs. but it seems to be paying off i think i might get something going with this one. an orangey rind – with p.candidum dusting – SWEEEEEEEEEEET!!!

all of these cheeses will be wrapped in paper the day the 6th make goes in the fridge (tues?) that would be the 10th. day.


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