I’ve got to say – Ace is a lovely little boy – i guess he’s grown on me.

He’s been here all of a month (or two?) i brought him in from the U.K. – sight unseen for $5,000.00!!! – yes it hurt – still hurts a little –

At first i was a little ambivelent about this lanky little kid from yo England – but as he grew i gained faith that it was a good move. He’s growing well and probably weighs at least 60lbs already – come October i’ll let him loose with the nannies …and he’ll be able to stay in with them till sometime in the new year.

Ace is my most important goat in terms of the future direction of the herd – contrary to common sense, the milk line is passed down through the buck – not the nanny. Think about it – all the kids born next spring will be 50% Ace – And the nannies out of that lot that make it into the herd – the following year their kids will be 75% Ace! – hi ho!

so you see what i mean – i love my original stock i got from Wilmot – strong mixed breed nubians – you can see what good condition they’re in – but to improve the milk line i need to play the Ace!


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