The 8th. Make

while the fresh cheese remains top of the R&B charts with my local fan club – i’ve been struggling mightly with the ripened cheese.
f&*^%ck the rennet curd basically – certainly for the white mold – pyramids are ehhh – why bother? – so another batch goes in the trash – so i started making pyramids with the lactic curd – first batch (6th make) needed to be chucked early – no problem – second batch (7th. make) show promise – i mean how can i f#$%k these up? – basically i drained the curd complete then mixed the salt in directly as if it was straight softie (wid a pinch of p. candidium) and molded them up – it was a pretty "dry firm" curd – second (or third?) day i demolded – and sprayed with a new batch of p.candidum spray (i mean i had just a "dusting" of powder in a pint of water) and still the appearance of mold was quick – complete in a few days – but it looks good – not as "bullet proof" as the mold on previous batches – i’ve found that too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing – so we’ll see.

i did up some rennet curd for blue cheeses – used the square molds for the first time – which worked well – but i should have cut the cheeses in half the second i demolded them – instead i didnt figure it out for a couple of days – oh well – they are looking good – in the same fridge as the white – blue vs. white let the battle begin!!

we’ll see we’ll see.


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