its funny – sometimes its the simplest things that work – i tried white cap several times with rennet curd – never tasted that great – but hey what was i thinking? i mean i dont evn like camembert or brie – but here i was trying to make it – was i on crazy pills? so my fan club grows every week and they’re ravin for the softie – portagee housewives and tucker’s town debs all lining up for it – so i start making whitye cap with the softie curd – besides – thats what i did all those years ago as well and the cheese was gooood – so this is my first batch and its a hit!! – everything about it is a winner – check out the photos – nice uniform pyramids with just the right touch of p candidum (it takes a light hand) with a nice wrinkley yellowish skin – as i was saying – you know its a winner when you take a young cheese out just for the hell of it – and between two people you eat the whole thing!! so i break out another – again just for the hell of it – and half of it disappears in a few minutes – this is a good motherf$$#%n cheese – yes its simple – and no it might not be a match for the double and triple creams but it gives them a run for their money!!

ive finally made WHITE CAP baby!!


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