Big Blue Breakthrough

well the stars aligned and i’ve had a HUGE breakthrough with the blue – it’s all about the curd baby – that slow lactic curd that’s so goddamn french you want to kick it in the bawls – no seriously – i’m all about the lactic curd – it’s got so much it needs to teach me – but back to this blue – so im on the vineyard 2 weeks ago and i pick up this "surface ripened chevre" a sid winer cheese – you know who i mean – so you cant discern anything from the label as who actually makes it – but it’s a KICK ASS SURFACE RIPENED BLUE BOMBER GEM!! i mean just as good as a hubardston blue and i mean no disrespect there – but it was goooood – blue mold surface ripened CHEVRE – chevre chevre chevre – that words bangin on me as i’m eating this glorious cheese with both hands – chevre – chevre – i mean thats a lactic curd is it not? a fresh cheese type cheese – i mean you dont call a rennet curd cheese a chevre really do you?? – and as im eating this thing im thinking yah – its softie baby – i know all about you baby –

but the stars were already starting to align – because back in bda i just happeded to have 2 cheeses – "chevre" so to speak – with a surface blue

so when i got back i pulled it out – turns out son Kyle had pitched one out – you know – if its covered in mold and still in the fridge it’s toast – but before he threw the 2nd one out he thought better of the situation and thought maybe pops wanted it thata way – so he dutifully wrapped it and put it in the small fridge – we broke it out and ate it – fck it was good!!!! you know – close to this sid weiner and sons thing

shazzamm!! so simple – "chevre" baby!!! – so i threw seven blocks in from the next make on August 11th. – and here we are a scant 15 days later – 15 days!!!! – and they are fckin gorgeous!!! (and delicious) – so it turns out the king of the mountain "hubby blue" is a lactic curd!! i’ll bet my hat on it !!

so now i can repeat – with consistency – and 25 or so cheeses are in the ripening fridge from make 14 – and lets get scientific about this Make 14 was on Aug 22 plus 15 days to market will be Sept 6th.? lets see

oh yah and here’s a picture of the Hay Jude as well as a shot of the blue – peace.


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