Circular Motion

So its late January and we’re getting close to starting a new cycle of kidding/milking.cheesemaking here at Tucker’s Farm. Its an exciting time and this years going to be a good progression on from last

Last year was the R&D year – and i’ve got to say it was a strategy that paid off handsomely. Besides the fresh cheese (which people are banging down my door for) i’ll also be making two ripened cheeses – they are both……well why dont i just say it – "world class" – i know – it sounds incredibly pompous of me – milking 5 goats in a rudimentary setting with the most basic of equipment – here in Bermuda no less with no exposure to other cheesemakers – but i know what im talking about.

"Mr. Bluebird" is a surface ripened little blue pyramid that will knock your socks off !! – no shit –
"…dont fly Mr. Bluebird i’m just walkin down the road…" Dickey Betts – you know the rest.

i’m in touch with the Kilmoyers in Florida and hope to send them some samples for confirmation of its greatness
– more to come on this little giant

"Hay Jude" – (named after my wife who has put up with endless shit when it comes to goats and cheese)
its a surface ripened white (p. candidum) cheese – similar to a camembert? no not really cause its so much better than that – its a lactic curd cheese unlike camembert – anyway its a darlin and worth making – i also will have Hay Jude unripened in wax – lasts forever and just gets better with age – thats my story and im stickin to it!

so those are the 2 ripened cheeses and i’ll be pushing a lot of fresh cheese – unlike last year where i basically gave cheese away – this year everything’s for sale from day one – i’ll be sending a cooler down to Junior’s stand every Saturday and Tommy Wadson will be selling the rest at his farm store (hopefully – cause if he cant then i might also sell cheese to Miles.

In terms of the blog i hope to post weekly on every "make" – looks like i’ll be making cheese on Saturdays this year – i will try to keep it informative on the process and fun reading at the same time – yah right! – peace baby

here’s a shot of the goat house – doesnt look like much but works extremily well for the goats (and Noddy!).


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