the true meaning of “ORGANIC”

So i’ve been working for Wadson’s Farm since last July
– since that time the construction industry has continued its plummet off the economic cliff, hospitality is still on life support and the once infallible "international business" sector has been shedding local jobs like fleas –

i say that to say im thankful to get up every morning and have a place to go i call "work", a lot of Bermudians dont have that right now

anyway what "Jonsey" is doing is a hell of a story – and i cant do it justice but it is 40 acres of sustainable, "organically grown" agriculture – planted fields, green houses, sheep and lamb, hogs & piglets, fowl of every description egg laying and eating – its a goddamn wonderland – the man is driven – heres a shot of one of the new Haygrove green houses we "skinned" yesterday

anyway – back to the meaning of the word "ORGANIC" – as most people suspect its a word thats been highjacked in recent years by Big Ag
small farms cant invest in getting "certified" but thats just a bullshit game

vegetables are weeded by hand, pest control and fertilizer is handled by the rotation of the fowl – Mother Nature’s a beautiful thing

in terms of livestock feed we import the organic grains from a Menonite milller in PA. (is it "certified"? – no and who cares?) – so i now get my goat feed from them as well
do we regularly use antibiotics? of course not (actually not at all) – the forage is natural pasture, supplemented with the Menonite’s hay as required –

and all creatures great and small have their space – the chickens are free range the sheep are living large on 10 acres up "High Point" – ducks and geese roam through the Banana patches – hi ho!

so "Jonsey" refers to it as "organically grown" produce and that seems to be the best description – i’m calling the goats milk organic – and why not? no im not going to get some 3rd party rip off dweeb to hang a medal on my chest and give me some piece of paper with ribbons on it- it is what it is people

have a sliver of Wadson’s Farm smoked bacon and then tell me what you know about "organically grown" baby!


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