first make started yesterday – with 19 gallons – only three goats milking right now so weekly total will be around 15-20 galls.
yeild looks to be 10 Mr. Bluebirds and 10 Hay Judes and maybe 20elbows of softie – need to sell EVERYTHING this year as the dollars are tight

Kids are doing real well – im already down to the 4 that i want to keep and for some reason the names came easily to me this year for all four – Twinkle and Coco are sisters out of Doc and Thing 1 and Thing 2 are sisters out of Autumn – a good foursome – peace.


2 thoughts on “FIRST MAKE

  1. hi
    i just discovered your organic goats cheese and it’s amazing! so cool that someone is doing this here.
    do you also sell organic goats milk?
    is it cheaper to buy directly from you and if so where/how?

    1. Hi Heather so glad you are a fan! (that makes us mutual fans and basically cool people!)

      no – no goats milk for sale – basically it goes in 10 gall. milk pails so im not set up to bottle it etc. – and i need it all for the cheese goats cheese is available for sale at Tom wadson’s in southampton or you can buy it direct – come up Lagoon Drive (Tucker property opposite entrance to Camden botanical gardens south shore rd) take a left at the top – big barn will be on yr right – go in most western barn (green) door – small fridge has cheese – see note on fridge – leave money in fridge – $6 a tub

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