cheese – by the numbers

o.k. so week 1 was a tremendous success by my reckoning
19 galls yeilded around 45 lbs. YIKES!!
why so high? dunno – "spring milk"? maybe – Nubian butterfat? hasta help.
Nubians produce milk richer in butterfat than the euro breeds – (and jay that actually isnt bullshit my bye)
its a good thing cause on the flip side they do give less milk in general.

o.k back to week 1 numbers –
20 ripened cheeses – (will be ready for sale in afew weeks)
110 6oz tubs – all gone baby!!! (60 tubs to Tommy, 20 tubs to Junior, 20 tubs sold from the cheese fridge, and 10 freebees –

and by the way Johnny Lima – leave some money in the damn fridge next time ya biatchh!!

so thats 80 tubs times $5 and 20 tubs times $6 = $520 (plus maybe $160 in cheese futures with the ripened babies)

O>K> – so week 2 numbers wont be so hot – only 12 galls "harvested"
week 1’s milk was really from about 10 days – going forward it’ll be 7 days between makes.
so 12 gallons from 3 goats in 7 days – o.k. it is wat it is.
2nd make will be all softie because between Tommy and Junior and the cheese fridge, it’ll all disappear like, whatever dude.

Goat Problem – Flossy should’ve been the 4th milker from the year 1 goats but she musta had a false pregnancy – whatever happened, fact is she’s "open" so question now is whether she goes or stays ( i’m not a heartless bastard really but these are the unpleasant decisions – truth is i dont want to feed her for another year and have the same bullsh%$t happen again)
O.K., decision made– Hey Johnny, tell Braga to sharpen de blade mon!


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