HAY J’s will be ready real soon – amazing – 12 days from cheese and they are already these lovely little disks covered in white fluff – and already softening at the edges (so much so i’ve wrapped them and put them in the regular fridge to slow down their march to glory – only got ten (not enough milk yet to make every week) Judes ‘ll take a couple to the US with her – King McGavick’s wife will get one – that leaves seven for tommy’s store. I’m thinking next tuesday – i realize thats only 16 days from milk but they are kicking ass – besides im convinced they are so much better young than old –
MR B’s – well as you can see from the photo the candidum jumps their bones pretty damn quick (but nary a drop of roqforti on the HAY J’s) interesting – still they are gorgeous cheeses – (and again even tho its roqforti im thinking they will be ready for prime time sometime next week too). Cant put enough of the success on the ripening frige – the thermostat keeps it between 55 – 60F (could be colder i suppose) and the cheese cloth on the inside of the door soaked daily keeps the RH at 90% plus – HIHO!!!


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