Health Dept. visit

so it was long over due but i’ve finally got the Health dept. up here to inspect and it went really well! – Eric Martin (the livestock and dairy guy) was extremily supportive (and very inquisitive about the whole cheese making process) – so i have some things to do (and some things i cant do quite frankly) but i will get a licence and be legit – but much thanks needs to go to my "consultants"

Tom "farmer jones" Wadson stopped by my gates the other evening with some timely advice in this regard.
"lose the f$%ckin couch and ping pong table for chryssakes"
"write f^%$ckin "wash yor hands" everywhere"
"screw the f$%^ckin hand sink right to the wall"
"get some cheap f#$%ckin soap dispensers" – things like that.

and yesterday i had a visit from Wilmot who also weighed in with his own words of wisdom –
"see that white bottle there?" pointing to a clorox bottle – "have the whole f#$ckin place smellin of that – when they come in you want em to smell that f$#@ckin clorox" –
"and dont have these f#$%ckin dogs inside here" o.k. – i can do that.

so anyway it was spic and span – and quite frankly looking like a very respectable commercial kitchen.


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