THE 4TH MAKE (nine days after)

I wrapped the 4th make HAY JUDES tonight and moved them from the ripening fridge into the regular fridge – they need to slooooow down (i guess) –
a couple of days ago i was having high anxiety worrying about whether the mould formation was going to happen – now tonight im worried they’ve ripened too fast – amazing.

These shots are nine days from milk.

i’ve left the MR.BLUES in the ripening fridge for another day – hopefully they’ll be ready to wrap tomorrow. – you can see from this shot that the blue mold has kicked in but its still that baby blue stage.

the 5th make HAY JUDES and BLUES are "draining/drying" in the cheese room. Tomorrow evening they will be salted and innoculated w/p. candi and p. roq and placed in the ripening fridge

– and so it goes.


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