well ive been terrible about keeping records for the past 3 or 4 makes – thats because its been all good – wham bam thankyou maam – until the 8th make that is.

the 8th make was the saturday of the ag show so we had goats across the street and things got a little out of sequence.
The major mistake was i forgot about the milk chilling and when i got back to it the milk was below 70F – i battled it back up to 72F which i figured was probably more of a conventional setting temp anyway than the usual 77F – so i innoculated with starter culture etc.

Sunday morning it didnt have that "full on" look (turns out it didnt have proper acid development and i probably should have just left it until it did look right.)
i molded cheeses as usual but the curd didnt drain as typical – (pyramids still slumped a little even on Monday evening when i demolded them.)

still i thought everything would be groovy – wasnt until the 2nd or 3rd (or 4th ) day in the ripening fridge that the misstep of low acidity made itself known
The blue just didnt get a good mold development and for the first time this year the cheeses showed signs of "mucor" – black mold spots.

conclusion – low acidity at time of molding leads to improper draining/drying/ which leads to mucor and other bad tings mon.

but the Hay Judes just powered through it – the p. candidum developed pretty much as normal (cheeses do have more of that yellowy wrinkled skin than usual but noone would notice that but me) – the Blue cheeses on the other hand look like a pitch job. Still – those will be the first cheeses ive pitched out this year – which aint bad.

and check out the Mystery Block! – ( it looks great but the rind is still too soft though) – its been a few weeks in the ripening fridge but we’ll keep you updated on its development – it will keep ripening for at least a few more weeks – Hi Ho for the Mystery Block!.


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