Grampa Jack – A Bermuda National Hero

I heard it on the news today – Sir Henry “Jack” Tucker will be officially celebrated as a Bermuda National Hero this year!

wow…… feels really good – pride? yes sure, but more of a sense of relief, and a feeling of hope for the island going forward – that we can look at ourselves and our history with maturity enough to say yes Dr. DF Gordon may be a hero but so is Jack Tucker. Are you kidding me? Certainly Jack Tucker!

but get this – his nomination was put forward by the “High Priest” Shilo and Clevie “Outta Site” Simmons of the “Young Progressives”!! (err….shall we say “formally young”?)

Let me start at the beginning. A couple of months ago i see this moped bombing up the drive – the High Priest up front and “Outtasite” hangin on the back – (and i mean hangin!) what a sight. And so Shilo gets off the bike and starts to explain the purpose of his visit – he has the BDA NAT. HEROES nomination papers for the family to sign etc.

so as he talks at first im listening with bemusement i guess
Apparently back in the seventies (or sixties?) the young progressives were a community group down at Devil’s Hole and they went to Jack to seek assistance in securing a field for the community. He managed to get the field down there for them (the Gombey Warrior Field……………………..those hatchets are just made of wood right?) and i guess these guys never forgot it.

just one of the legions of stories of Jackie Boy extending a helping hand.

but as the High priest goes on, i’m struck by this guy’s simplicity, sincerity and authenticity – its is quite moving actually. He says he’s going to stand outside the General Post Office in town with a petition to gather signatures for chisssakes!
And so i start to think that these guys – 2 sixty something year old “young progressives”, who to be honest look like something that fell off the back of the hustle truck – are actually the ideal proposers. I start thinking “these are the guys….the perfect guys” – they speak from the other side.

so down the drive they go, and while i admire their mission, i still held out zero hope for any actual success in their endeavour …………….. long shot of all long shots.

so i dont know what i will say to them when i see them again at city hall – “thank you” is hardly enough, but i know there will be some serious “bro hugs” – and tears – a lot of tears – i feel such a debt of gratitude to these brothers – you dont know. – the most unlikely of charecters totally undaunted in their mission.

Here’s a shot of the banner i put up across our gates last year on National Heroes Day. It was a protest banner really, as i never thought Jackie Boy would ever get his day in the “new” bermuda – and i just wanted to say “Hey, screw you all – as far as we’re concerned he’s our hero – full stop!”

– now alls i can say is God bless the brothers Shilo and Outtasite!


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