The Henry Milker

the Henry Milker is a nifty little gadget i found on ebay last year.
I was desperately looking for a milking solution that cost between the typical $2000 for a traditional milking machine and the $5 i had in my pocket – hi ho!

i wanted to go away (as in leave the island for a few days) – and i figured training someone to milk goats by hand was too tall an order (little did i know what an eager student the Noddster would be!).

Anyway i purchased the "Henry Milker "- basically a quart bottle with a couple of hoses and a hand pump and basting seringe.- stuff you could buy at wal mart for about $15 bucks

A few weeks later it showed up in the post and i must say i wasnt holding out high hopes for success (it couldnt really be that simple could it?) – but guess what? – it worked! – like a charm even!

Of course i later screwed it up trying to connect it to a gallon jar ( the laws of physics are a bitch!) – and it sat on the shelf until i finally ordered some spare parts from Mr. Henry – so now its back in action and its cool runnins at Tuckers Farm!


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