Doctari Mugabe

A short month ago, i was in deep sh*t.
The clock was ticking loud – i had about a month to turn the "shed" (4 bare wood walls with a sh#tty concrete floor) into the "new" cheese room – and to do it on a dime.
electrical rough in… rough in………drywall…….tile…… was all way too overwhelming.

i grumbled my plight with me good bud Doctari but he had one answer………. "Easy".
Electrical? "Easy." Doc says.
Drywall? "Easy." he says.
Tile? "Easy." (he’s a man of few words).

So fast forward a month – with Doc calling in all sorts of favours – the room is complete – the kids have hit the ground and i’m ready for a great year.
The positive vibrations just seep out of these walls.

And speaking of positive vibrations, if it wasn’t for the boundless positive energy of the great Doctari Mugabe i’d still be trying to get out of my own way.


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