the kid is raw – the kid is cooked – the kid is pressed – the kid is washed.
Would you love him any other way?

ive always wanted to make a really good raw goats milk cheese – something with "legs" that could go the distance
i’ve had a few goes at this cheese over the years and last year i had a good make of it – chunky squares that aged quite nicely
– tasting better at 6 months then it did at 3 – it certainly had promise.

i didnt think i’d be making it again for a while but as fate would have it i had so much milk last week that i banged out 13 gallons.
and in the process i solved for a number of problems – 1. what molds to use? i grabbed the Hay Jude little roundies and over stuffed them full of curd
2. weights for pressing? the curd was just vigorously hand pressed at each flip then removed from the molds on the third flip and weighted down with 24 lb. pails of water for about half an hour – until they spread out into nice chunky roundies
3. how to "cook" the curd? easy peasy – because the curd doesnt leave the vat i just had to turn on the burner long enough to get the curd up to 100 F

so a lot of the past problems in creating the "kid" were resolved – now aint he a sexy b*tch?
but he’s still just a young little white punk right now
over the next few months the rind will be "washed" and the kid will come of age.


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