Big Red

So i’m over brer bear’s cave the other day and he asks me "’member them red waxed cheeses u used to make? How long wunna those lasts?"
"Forever i guess." i reply, not really paying attention.
He rummages around in his fridge and holds up a little red gem "so this is edible?" he asks incredulous.

"Damn YES!" i say – actually completely clueless to it’s ediblity, but more amazed that someone could keep something kicking around in their fridge for 2 years!

"found it the other day in da back a da fridge – been scared to eat it" – He takes a knife and deftly lops it in half exposing its beautiful smooth silky white interior – i mean white white, and more soft in texture than day 1.
And then we taste the heavenly kick! Thank you Jesus!

"…..mmmm – ……….big red…." says brer bear
"………..big red" i repeat. – and that was it.

I used to make this cheese years ago – i called it "Judith" originally – back then I was labouring under the misconception that all great cheeses were named after beautiful, strong women (haha). i know better now.

Then i made it again a couple of years ago too, but stopped – but never, never, did i imagine it would age so beautifully, so gracefully.

So my search for the cheese that will "last forever and taste better the older it gets" is over for now -and the answer, as always, was real close to home.

No ripening fridge, no coaxing, prodding, pleading, and begging for weeks on end – no – BR’s just dried for a few days, lightly salted and then waxed.- thats it.
End of story.


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