Don’t Go Shane

the first batch of these pyramids turned out Awesome! (make 5 – March 6).
so we’ll "bite" and try again but its always a bit like "Don’t go Shane!" with these ones
– you win battles but the war never ends.

You can see this cheese has been ripe for a week or so (that would make it only 16 days or so from milk!)
– the p. candi is fairly developed and comes out first through the black ash
– (and what looks like it could be the black ash is actually the p. roq – which shows up a few days later).

This cheese was innoculated with p. roq only – it got all its p. candi from the Hay Judes that were on the shelf above them

– the body at this point is close to a "clear paste" all the way through and the taste – OUT OF THIS WORLD!
– but like I say
"don’t go Shane".


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