Well Worn Stones

It still amazes me how these cheeses develop such a deep, beautiful patina so quickly
Already well worn stones at only 20 days.
But unlike the "wild hares" of Make 1 – on these, the mold development is far more restrained – just a dusting of p. candidum (and a few beauty spots of p. roq.)
"Text book", baby and just what we wanted.

(Top shelf is "Workshop – Make 7" – bottom shelf is "Make 9".)
And in case you are wondering about the black wax (Cabra Negra) –
I had to ditch the rosemary and I waxed those 2 (no matter, cause the wax looks AWESOME!)
It was a terrible conceit to think we could get away with that. You really need a damp cellar somewhere in southern Europe to pull that one off – a "green" cheese wrapped in vegetation etc.

And so now we are only about 20 days away from the first taste test! – (We’ll have to have a class reunion for that one!)
And fingers crossed – cause i’d LOVE to be able to make these on a regular basis.


2 thoughts on “Well Worn Stones

  1. ahhh yes at last. the best part-eating aged cheese!

    maybe one day, we will be permitted to dig deep cellars to house all of our delicate creations. it only makes sense. Until then, they’ll make us utilize high cost methodology to be able to produce decent product!

    Although the core of the cave may not be cool enough for ideal aging it would still be cheaper to pump cool air into the cave than it would be to cool a walk-in fridge/freezer.

    1. And using renewable energy – Tom Wadson has some small solar paneled exhaust fans up in the roof of his green house that work really well. And maybe a system that uses tank water both for humdidity and lowering air temp. (tank water always seems to be quite cold) – so maybe there’s a way – next year.

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