Me Encanta el Kid

So we moved the Kid away from those tricky Dutch recipes to a very simple, (yet elegante) Spanish style of cheese – and man what a difference.

Made with raw goats milk and traditional basket molds, its lightly pressed for 1/2 a day (about 5 lbs. per cheese and flip,flip,flip,flip) – then brined for about 6 hrs.

For 2 more weeks, 1/2 of the cheeses are stored in fresh rosemary – the other half, soaked in Merlot
Then they are all put in their black wax "pajamas" for another 2 months of "beddie-bye" – (sweet dreams my bambinos).

By August we’ll cut into them and those rosemary and vino aromas will be impregnated in a mild, "nutty" flavoured cheese, with a soft, flexible body (think goats milk manchego) and a slightly addictive taste – muy bueno.


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