Tucker’s Farm Fun Facts for 2013

Hi Kids! Here’s some Tucker’s Farm "Fun Facts" for ya.

Since the beginning of the year we’ve produced 422 gallons of goats milk from our 5 goats
– and we’ve also purchased an additional 290 gallons of goats milk so far (thank you Jason Lopes) for a grand total of 712 gallons.

With that milk we’ve made cheese 29 times – making a grand total of 1,334 lbs. of cheese!
So we average 1.87 lbs. of cheese per gallon of milk. – (righteous yield, dude!)

That’s a total of 2,700 6oz. tubs of fresh cheese, 260 "Big Reds", 229 "Hay Judes", 150 "Kid Blus", 104 lbs. to restaurants, a few dozen bottles of "Ital Buttons" and 16 wheels of "Kid Cabra" – whew.

—-and hey, the fun aint over yet!
With a little luck we’ll be making cheese into October/November.


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