Tucker’s Farm – Bee Story

And so "Day 3" and the bees seem to remain busy – intent in their work.
They are actually quite fascinating to watch – always busy – a bit like my wife.

And the bees are all female too (except for the couple of necessary "drones" – dodo heads.)

And so it’s a bit like the goats too – all ladies, just keepin’ busy ("Leaning In" baby!) and just the one male, "Spotswood", always playin’ the "jack ass" – funny

This is the 3rd swarm we’ve tried to start a hive with (many thanks to Dijean, "like the mustard" he says. And Mark W. too.)
I tell you, it’s HARD to get bees in bda! – no joke! – it’s not like you just pick a swarm off a tree or anything (…..well actually you do – but its not like that).

The 1st. two swarms, they just up and left after a day or so.
Funny story with the 2nd. swarm – the day they flew off, my neighbour emailed to say she had a "bee problem" – yah, that made two of us.


2 thoughts on “Tucker’s Farm – Bee Story

  1. James, call me ! You need to put a screen on the bottom of the hive, so the larvae from the veroa mites can fall through it & not get carried back up into the hive. My mates in the carribean are the gurus on this. Tom.

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