Milk comes milk goes.

The days are getting shorter – (and so’s the milk) – and time too, to make decisions – about who goes, who stays.

"One Horn" drew the short straw, and a couple of Johnny L.’s guys came over around 7 in the morning on Sunday and it was over damn quick. I gave the goat to them to take down the orchard and about a minute later one of them came back to get some water. "Fini" he said quietly, drawing a finger across his throat – o.k. – I don’t know Portugese, but I got that. Its never easy but what I like about these guys is they are pros. And share the solemn obligation to treat these animals with respect. So 30 minutes later and they’re going down the road, our business complete.

And I was going to give them one of the kids too – I’ve got 5 and probably only need 3 or 4. I decided on the smallest Nubian, but it just so happened that Brer Ryan showed up on Saturday – I mentioned the kid to him – "You can have it, if you want it." I said nonchalant, not thinking he would be as enthusiastic as he was – oh he wanted her alright – so that made both of us happy.

Milk comes, milk goes.


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