It always surprises me- how quick the end comes, and this year’s no different.
Not even October and the milk has dropped off to the point where we might as well stop making cheese and just use it for…milk.

And so its time for thanks too
thanks to our markets (for your words of wisdom and support),
thanks to our customers, (a small but wildly enthusiastic bunch.)
thanks to our volunteers (Ry Ry, Ashley Tuck, AnaRosa and others)
thanks to our fellow farmers who plied us with milk
thanks to our wonderful herd (who were all very cooperative this year)
thanks to Goddard Farm for "Spotswood" – so bright is the future.
thanks to Judes for her love and patience.
thanks to all our backers, for the positive vibrations, sent and received.
thanks to all the Gods – big and small.


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