“Thing 3” Shows Her Hand

Turns out she was holding a pair – 1 Queen and uh, “joker’s wild”.

Let me start from the beginning (just about an hour ago). I’m lying on the couch watching “DUMBO” waiting for the meds to kick in (all "above board" mind you).

“DUMBO” – chees! Now there’s some crazy foreshadowing that I should have picked up on. Check out these ears!!

O.K. so its feeding time – I sleepwalk out to the barn – 1,2,3….8 (wait a minute – no 8…) so everyone’s up locked in and eating and I walk down the "mucky muck" to the goat shed and………………………awwwwwww!! – There’s moma and 2 fairly cleaned up kids (must have had them in the morning while I was out working for the “Cause”;)

But “its all good” as brother H.S. might say.

I pick up both kids together in my arms and walk up top – moma dutifly follows behind.

In the dairy she just stands for me while I easily milk out 3 quarts of “God’s finest” – no lie.

Then to the kids – and more good news – they take to the bottle right away – and the big one is Queenie (and she’s the sharpest dresser too, with that big white spot on her head and black and white markings like mama).

And so I tuck them both in and float back to the house, thinking the Saanen will be next.


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