Gotta Think Like Walter White

It’s been an awful, awful start to the season – 1st week I pitched 20 gallons – last week it was another 30 down the drain. So this week I had to tell Jason I couldn’t use his milk until I get this sorted.

“You got new cultures? Hell, it’ll work this time Tuck.” he says.

I stare at this kid. He’s smiling with that certain confidence that only lasts in youth.

Inwardly i appreciate his totally unfounded faith in me – but nonetheless I play pissed off.

“You just don’t f*ckin’ get it, do ya?” I bark.

“Sh*t Jason if it was that f*ckin’ easy, every gawddam one-a you goat farmers would be churnin’ out the Crystal Blue.”

He just looks at me, still smiling – the reference flies way over his head – I like this kid, I think to myself.

Note to self “Crystal Blue Persuasion” – great name for this year’s blue (if there is any at this rate) – perfect inside baseball.

So back at to the “rv” and I start 2 makes – one with my 12 gallons and one with Jason’s 18 – I make sure to hit every single temp right between the eyes.

………to be continued.


2 thoughts on “Gotta Think Like Walter White

  1. threw away because it didn’t set? Do you miss our brainstorming sessions like I do? I miss laughing at/with you too! Lemme know how this week’s comes… call me if you wanna but heads about what may be causing crap.

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