Making Bad

So after 2 successful makes, I make the rounds to a few chefs yesterday.

I like dealing with chefs – besides just being the “cool” people, they always seem to get it.

And restaurants are easier customers than retail – they buy in 1lb. weights.

So I’m in the kitchen of this one restaurant (high-end I might add) – and this big lumbering “lime” comes out to greet me.

I explain myself and we exchange some small talk. He looks at the tub and without hesitation he cracks the lid.

“You used to make this years ago, yah?” he says, spinning around to grab a spoon.

“Yes that’s right – we started back up again a few years ago”I explain.

Wow this boy’s not bashful – he lifts a dollop up to his lips. His head rolls back – he’s workin’ it.

“OOOh that’s some sort a SEXY mate,” he says smiling “…yah, some sorta sexy.”

“Yeah, Heisenburg’s back, baby.” I’m thinking to myself.>


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