Esspresso – Duo Shot.


I got up at about 2 am and went to close the porch door – looking out into the Black and Wind, I thought I heard the faint sound of a kid crying. I was tired and thought well, if it was a kid – then that meant it was fine and could wait.

So up again at 4 30 and this time I got the flashlite and went down below and there they were – Esspresso with her 2 beautiful champions!  Image

The biggest, “The Kid”, (a billy of course) with the handsome black and white markings of the old man – (he’ll be sticking around).

And the other, a little nanny I’ll call “Ponza” – who, like her namesake, is just a sweet little gem who has no idea how precious she is.









4 thoughts on “Esspresso – Duo Shot.

  1. Lovely Congratulations! Still have not had the chance to taste you cheeses. Will you be doing a tasting and give us a chance to sample your hard work.

    1. Hi and thanks MB – cheese is back on the shelves at supermart, both lindos, wadsons etc. the ripened ones will probably only be sold at wadsons and windybank farm – as and when we have them (this weekend at windyb. maybe).

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