More than a few things attracted me to make RIBIOLA – not the least of which is it’s Italian.

But like so many things in life, when you hear the words “..it’s simple” that’s usually your first tip to turn and run!

Like when someone says “No problem.”- right before the FIRST problem.


But still, it ticked a lot of the boxes I was looking for in a raw milk cheese recipe – so I bit. And I haven’t written this first attempt off as a failure – yet, but I will say I was surprised at every turn.

I set the milk at 80F and left it overnight (to form a lactic/rennet curd). The next morning I was expecting a fairly firm curd – at least one that could be cut – but no. This was clearly a lactic curd and I had to scramble – first i “predrained” it in cheesecloth, then packed it into ricotta molds lined w/cheesecloth.

The cheeses drained & air dried for a couple of days but weren’t “firming up”. I bunged them into the cheese fridge but after a few more days they were still soft and sticky. This wasn’t going to end pretty – So my last resort was to wax them all – hoping they might follow a similar path to the Big Red – but I’ll admit at this point it’s a long shot. T minus 60 days and counting.Image





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