Bobby McGee

The sentence for attempting a raw milk cheese? Always the same – 60 days in solitary, no time off for good behavior. Been there done that, got the t shirt – know all the lines.


tellegio in ricotta molds, made w/pasteurized milk

To be honest, the main point of attempting a raw milk cheese was always less about some sort of principled stance on milk quality/cheese purity (yawn) and was more to do with the practicality of my set up. I wanted to avoid the hassle(time) involved in the pasteurization process. The raw milk cheese make was always the second make of the week and was supposed to be simple (and fun! Yay!)

Of course one of Life’s ironies is “Simple” and “Fun” come with a price – and with raw milk cheese, that price is always 60 days (too high). Reminds me of a song I once knew –

“…bein’ free was easy lord, when Bobby sang the blues….” Or something like that.

Sing it with a little “teleggio” this time, Bobby.


“Bobby McGee” – tellegio w/pasteurized milk












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