A Few Things I Can Tell You About Making “Taleggio”

  1. You’re not making “Taleggio” – that’s an Italian cheese made somewhere in Italy.

    Tallegio at 11 days (the ones in back got a little black ash and p. roq.)

  2. Ditch the b. Linens (I know this sounds like sacrilege, but do it – besides, whats it EVER done for you anyway? Nada.)
  3. If you are using good (goats) milk – don’t panic about what starter to use.
  4. Innoculate (wash) with a little p. candidum (and maybe even p. roq.)
  5. Get “woolly wid it”. This cheese is a bit of a wild hare – let it be.

    washed a few times w/brine, starting to get a little p. candi. – very promising.

  6. Get that “I WANT TO BELIEVE” poster that you see in Mulder’s office – frame it and hang it somewhere – these are as good as any words to live by.







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