Hit “Like” When You See The Six Footer!

So we’re getting ready to launch “the next big thing” here at Tucker’s Farm…..wait for it……(drum roll)……GOATS MILK SHERBET!

Yah, and this stuff’s like “out of body” experience good; our focus groups are coming back with comments like : “Thank you so much, I’ve really found my purpose in life now” and this one, “I opened my eyes and saw myself just standing there, rocking back and forth with this HUGE smile on my face.”  and our all time favourite “I took a taste and looked up at the night sky…and then I saw it! It MUST a had a six foot wing span I tell you! EASY 6 footer!”


6 footer.

Look, this aint your daddy’s sherbet, (damned coloured sugar water).

Here’s what you’ll find every power packed little 8 oz cup of Tucker’s Farm Goats Milk Sherbet:

  • some fresh fruit (can u say sa-moooooothy!)
  • 1/3 cup goats milk (giddyupgiddyup!)
  • 1 oz goats cheese (whoah baby!)
  • 1 tbls. cane sugar (just gotta have it)

Just one taste and it’ll have you sayin things like, “ Saaaaayy Whaaaaat???? Simmons WHOOOOO??? Sha Neyy Neyy Girlfrien!” – that sort a thing.



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