feelin’ HOT HOT HOT!

So there are varying degrees of “Hot”. Well, actually Bermudians generally have only two degrees – “Half Hot” and “Full Hot”. This wonderful old photograph of Weatherbird at his favourite warehouse (Goslings) clearly illustrates “Half Hot” – (you can ride your billy when your “Half Hot” – but don’t try it when your “Full Hot”! Cause the billy just may end up riding you!)

ImageO.K. so whats all this got to do with cheesemaking? I guess cheesemaking is on the other end of the “Hottness” measuring scale – 72F might not be considered hot at all – and maybe its not till you get to 75F you’re even getting considered to be “Half Hot”. But be careful now! Cause at 79F you are definitely without a doubt, legally “FULL HOT!”

And so this is where I ended up yesterday, distracted by the Mother’s Day “lala’s”, at around 2 in the afternoon I drained the cold water from around the vats BEFORE taking the milk’s temp. – just assuming I was in the “half hot” territory. But once the water was gone and I looked at the thermometer YIKES! I was “FULL HOT” at 79F! (and screwed– as you know once you determine you’re “full hot” there aint much you can do about it at that point in time but go with the flow.)

So this morning I’m bailing out the whey (I mean a good 2 inches of whey on top of both vats). And ladling the curd into the Hay Judes and Heisenberg’s – but im kinda liking what I’m seeing – less curd particles streaming out from down below the molds – slower draining in general – much of what I learn about cheesemaking is serendipitous – “Make 17 – Mother’s Day 2014”  may be no exception.


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