Say My Name

Got my morning chuckle early today when I opened an email from one of my farmers markets with this photo of one of my Heisenberg Blues and a question:

James, Can u have a look at this ? From one of our customers, is this what is should like > Thanks


Tucker’s Farm’s Heisenberg Blue

And it reminded me of last Saturday night – I took one of these to a dinner party and as one of the guests is having a little cheese and crackers, I’m explaining to her how its made with the vegetable ash etc. –  she looks at me and says “Yah, Tines Bay.” Man we had a laugh! – almost had me thinking of changing the name – almost.

But honestly, peeps are to be forgiven for asking ‘cause there just aren’t a lot of surface ripened blue cheeses out there. Dunno why as its always been a bit of the holy grail for me since I had my first Westfield Farm Classic Blue Log. Been chasing the tiger ever since.

I even went so far as to UPS some of them to Bob and Letty Kilmoyer in Florida some years ago (along with some Hay Judes and other suspects). Letty was very complimentary but I suppose one has to be in that situation.






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