Whale Jaw Farm, Chappy.


Whale Jaw Farm, Chappaquiddick Ma.

I hadn’t been off the rock for about 10 months and really needed a break – so I did the only sensible thing and packed my little duffle bag and headed to a smaller island with much less going on.

 – Whale Jaw Farm Chappaquiddick.


Looking westerly out the “back” of Whale Jaw.

And now, 5 days later – I’m back and it all seems a bit of a dream. A TOTAL dream – The “Whale Jaw” dream – and a sweet dream it is.

“Whale Jaw” is an ancient little farm house on it’s own 20 acres of fields and woods – that are surrounded by hundreds more acres of fields and woods, on the island of Chappaquiddick – (known to all as “Chappy”).

And it’s THE perfect place to start a little (emphasis on little) goat dairy and cheese making operation – one of these days – but first there are more fields to clear and stone walls to build – another barn and a “dwell” cottage or two to build, (it’s only taken 25 years so far – so no point in rushing it now.)


On the path that runs through the woods towards the “Land Bank” property.




4 thoughts on “Whale Jaw Farm, Chappy.

    1. hi Ari
      By all means you are welcome to stay at WJF – (I need an architect’s perspective!) its generally booked July through end of Oct but no visitors in June at all – email me and i’ll send you some info.

  1. They got lots of Madgic Mushrooms growing around those parts for them goats nutrition. Should render some interesting cheeses. Lovely.

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