One Love.

I woke up this morning full certain I’d be dealing with the most wretched of tasks.

It all started yesterday morning when I heard one of the kids bleating in distress. I figured maybe it was stuck in the fence or some other such thing, but no. It was the “Kid” and he was clearly in some serious pain and couldn’t get up. My mind first went to “bloat” which is common in kids, after all, I did give them a hell of a lot of milk the night before.

So I gave him a drench of water and baking soda and called the vet.

Dane showed up later in the morning – bloat didn’t seem to be the issue – he just wasn’t that swelled. Dane shot more liquid up his butt than seemed possible, but hey. Then he checked out his “Johnson” – Ouch! – if the Kid thought he was uncomfortable before Dane showed up – well let’s just leave it at that. Then he gave him a drench of mineral oil – if it was lubrication he was in need of, he certainly was getting the cure.

But I’ve seen this before – and “a sick goat is a dead goat” are pretty damn true words.

“Keep an eye on him and let me know, up or down, o.k.?” said Dane, getting ready to go.

“o.k. mate.” I replied.

“Yah, – it’s “down”, I thought to myself.

And the goat continued to cry all day – getting up and lying down, switching sides this way and that way – and still was no better by evening.

So this morning I went down to the kid pen and sure enough the 3 girls came running out yelling for their breakfast with no sign of the Kid – worse still, there was no sound of him. “Down.” I thought. I went in the pen and peered into their house, and there he was, just sitting up looking at me! He rose up gingerly and walked out into the yard.

Wow! All things considered I thought he looked like a million bucks! The girls went wild as usual for their milk while the Kid just moseyed over to the water bucket and took a good long draw of water – “good sign.” I thought.

Afterwards he just lay down on the ground but what was so sweet to see was his sister Ponza, who went over to him and laid down next to him, resting her head on his side. Even as the rain started and the others ran for the shed she stayed with him – as if to say “Please don’t leave me – You know I wont ever leave you.” And there the 2 of them sat. One love.


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