Wonderful World Beautiful People

So we’ve started on a “getting better” kick here at Tucker’s Farm and I gotta tell ya, it feels damn good! Here’s some things we’ve got going on.

The Bermuda Dairy Goat Cooperative – this is an idea that I put together a couple of years ago to create a system for us to purchase quality goats milk from other farmers. So far it’s just a loose confederation between J. Lopes, J. Madeiros and myself but it’s been a HUGE “win win win” for the 3 of us – (more technical info about the cooperative later.)  For Tucker’s Farm it has allowed us to shift our focus from the 24/7 tasks related to running a dairy/creamery, to paying attention to “system” improvements.

Education – Yah you heard me right. In the past I’ve always been too preoccupied to actually go off and learn anything – that sh*t’s going to change! I’m determined to take some short courses a.s.a.p. (hopefully with Peter Dixon later this year) Priority 1 is to learn and implement HACCP (crazy huh?)

Reading – Again, not something I’ve done enough of but in this time of “getting better” I’ve been reading some books by Gianaclis Caldwell. A lot of its old ground but it’s certainly inspirational to improving the “business” of Tucker’s Farm.

A Plan – A “business plan” with goals and milestones for reaching them – not on paper yet, still in the “cabeza” – but it feels good to be going in a “direction”, not just an “orbit”.

Be Here Now – Guess what?  It’s not ’74 anymore dude! – It turns out I’m 55 years old – yes that’s right and apparently the word is I wont be getting younger any time soon! Now I’m not saying I’m overly disappointed by this news, but still – if I do plan on “getting better”, then I really do need to be getting on with it!

I must say it feels great to be starting out on this road – and to be honest I owe “BIG ups” to the Penguin at the “Hotel California”. A couple of months ago she fired me from my sweet little gig cutting the grass. One day she just up and said “On yer bike, young man!” And well, to be honest, I’ve been pedaling my butt off ever since!

At first it was all uphill and I wasn’t sure where I was going, but now I’m really cruising along and digging the scenery!

Turns out it’s a Wonderful World, filled with Beautiful People! (thanks Jimmy – oh and thanks Penguin.)


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