The Kid Comes Home!

I wont lie, I’ve put in a lot of miles with the Kid – a LOT of miles – truth is we’ve been ALL over the map, and a lot of places we were glad to see the back of.

Journeys that yielded gorgeous looking raw milk cheeses, but which turned out to be so dry they were more suited to be used as book ends or doorstops than actually eaten as Manna. And still others with stinging, peppery and biting tastes that not even a mother could love.

But our failures are what makes this latest trip so rewarding. After sixty days of hard time, the Kid comes out “Innocent, Yer Honour”.  A soft, snowy white cheese with a speadable body, a clean, sharp lemony flavor with a pleasant “nutty” encore. The Raw Milk steps forward and takes a curtsy. (honestly, I mean it!).

Nothing too fancy mind you, but still quite good and definitely a place to which I’d like to remember how to get back to.


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