Busy Week at the Cheese Factory

Make 27 – June 16 – The Kid  – with 5 gallons of Tucker’s Farm’s finest raw milk. A little bit more rennet this time (3 drops per gallon). Plus a little p. candi in the curd as well – they definitely are dryer than Make 7 (and a little smaller – 12 cheeses in total from a little more than 5 gallons.)

We’ll ripen some washed rind style – (they probably wont last the 60 days to be “street legal” but that’s o.k.) – as usual I have very high hopes. And some will be waxed and those will easily go the distance.

Picture Perfect Hay Jude Make 24

Picture Perfect Hay Jude Make 24

And Make 24 – These cheeses were made 10 days ago today. The mold is perfect on the Hay Judes and they have been wrapped for a couple of days already. The Heisenburgs I let go longer – even though the mold development is perfect it started out completely white – so much so that I honestly thought I must have made a mistake and inoculated them with p. candi. But no – a day later the baby blue started to come through. So they were wrapped and left in the ripening fridge an extra day as well. But now snug in the stock fridge next to the Hay Judes.

The Hay Judes will easily be ready for Tom’s next Tuesday the 24th – and Make day was June 9th – so just 15 days – perfect.

The Heisy babys – we’ll see, but maybe by Saturday 28th. for Windybank – that would be just under 3 weeks – maybe too young, maybe not.


and Make 26 – also June 16 – draining on Day 2

30 more pyramids - Make 26

30 more pyramids – Make 26


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