Beautiful Ruins

Check out the shocking rapid development of mold on this cheese, only 8 days old!


wonder what it would look like in blue?

This cheese is from Make 27  –  5 gallons of raw goats milk which produced 12 cheeses and every single one looks just like this! But honestly, its really too much of a good thing. The problem you ask?

Raw milk cheeses are supposed to be aged for a minimum of 60 days as per FDA requirements. These cheeses will clearly be ripe and ready for consumption much, much sooner than that (maybe in just a couple of weeks! But don’t worry, i’ll make sure they wont go to waste!).

I did attempt to slow down the mold progression with a couple of brine washes but clearly it was a losing battle. So I surrendered and just wrapped them all and put them in the stock fridge.

What have I learnt? Well for starters I think this is going to be an AWESOME cheese! And so I really want to make it again with pasteurized milk.

I’ve also learnt that just a “dusting” of mold spores added to the milk (after ripening and before renneting) has a tremendous effect (these cheeses had no other inoculation of mold other than what they may have picked up in the air of the ripening fridge.)

And I really like the complete ease of this recipe (although it has taken a few tries and some tinkering to get it where I want it) – adapted from an Italian “Robiola” recipe (hence the post title- GREAT book btw.)

Here’s how we make it

Milk at 85F – add a teasp. of Flora Danica per 5 gallons – let ripen for a few hours.

Add a “dusting” of mold spores and 3 drops of rennet per gallon of milk and let sit over night.

Next morning – just deal with it.


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