The Entrepreneurials

H.S. and the micro greens

Bermuda has taken a serious hammering over the past six years – some might even say taken a “death blow”. Where the rest of the world proved resilient – we seemed to stay “stuck on stupid”.

A two horse town, where one horse died and the other walked out in protest.

And I did hear Craig Simmons the other night – but maybe the sentiment the “Rich are getting richer and the Poor poorer” is only half right, and the real problem is the Middle hasn’t held.

And so we’ve had six loooong years to think…and to think… and to think harder – (think harder Homer!)

Well slowly it seems, the Middle is beginning to be supported by the Entrepreneurial – thinkers doing things differently – whether it’s island tours, or making video, or food stuffs, or ping pong halls, or building web sites, or clothing lines, or growing food, or or or –

“Here come the Entreprenuerials!! YaY!!!” (..and not a moment too soon!).

So it could just as easily be that this sense of renewal I’m feeling is all in my mind – like I’ve hit that euphoric plateau, right before drowning.

Or maybe, just maybe, that really IS the sunlight I’m seeing, dancing on the surface of the water above.



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