Raising Arizona

Sedona and Jerome were born today – Nov. 5th – Guy Fawkes Day (used to be one of the greatest holidays when we were kids – the one time of year we could buy pocket loads of fire crackers and light bon fires legal – man, talk about good clean fun!).

Yup, Just born a couple of hours ago in fact.

Today also happens to be auspicious as it’s my son Kyle’s birthday as well – born 25 years ago today – ’89 – man, where does the time go?

And so I had been pondering what to get him for a present (lie) it had to be something really meaningful you know? (another lie). And then just like right on cue – BOOM! – his birthday present(s) just “arrived” you might say!

First Jerome (a buck, and a handsome devil), then a minute or two later, Sedona – (a red rock brownie). So, Happy Birthday times 2 my bie!

And another thing – as crazy as it sounds, I just may let the horns grow on these two – it’s time.



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