Dont Take It Personal

I received a form letter in the mail today – it was from the Hotel California – they were begging for alms. My eyes kinda glazed over after reading the first sentence or two and then I looked down at the bottom of the letter – the Penguin had written me a note – it said “James, don’t take it personal.”


I knew what she meant – “Don’t take it personal, that I fired your ass a few months ago from cutting the grass around here – instead, think of all the really good work we do – and dig deep! Because that new guy cutting the grass? Guess what? He needs to be paid too!”

I smiled – “Don’t take it personal,” I thought. She certainly had a way with words alright. No, I wouldn’t take it personal – life’s too damn short for that, (and the island too bledy small!)  – besides, I just landed right on my feet, and it turned out my bad luck was really just someone else’s good luck!

(I’ve taken that whole bad luck/good luck notion onboard after reading the “The Good Luck of Right Now”).

But I sure hope the Penguin doesn’t “take it personal” either. Because the way I see it is, the Hotel getting a few cents less? – that just means someone else gets a few cents more!


5 thoughts on “Dont Take It Personal

  1. James Tucker, you old devil!(or perhaps goat). Never thought I’d see you again on leaving Bermuda in 2002. Glad to know that you are gainfully employed again – seem to recall that goats formed part of your vocation when you worked at Prospect!
    Best Wishes from Dave Andrews (ex W & E)

    1. Dave “Bee Boy” Andrews! – great to hear from you! ah yes W&E – my early start in goats (haha!) – yes not much has changed here on the rock to be honest – us goats just gotten a little older

      *J A M E S T U C K E R : 7 L A G O O N D R . : P A G E T D V 0 4 : B E R M U D A* *t : 1 4 4 1 2 3 6 7 5 4 8 c : 1 4 4 1 3 3 7 7 5 4 8*

      On Fri, Aug 7, 2015 at 3:48 PM, TUCKER'S FARM GOATS CHEESE wrote:


      1. JT – I think we all got of W & E just in time! Poor old Kyril got fingered and is /was doing time and the dear old time piece that Prospect gave me on leaving still tells me whatever time I need it to (at 74 and wheezing).
        Cannot beat you at goats cheese but am heavily into beekeeping (13 hives) and vegetable cultivating – yep , more than just onions!
        Dear boy, because thats just you are, if you are ever this side of the stream, please call me on 01300321505 and we can have a mega beer for old times sake and chew the goat fat! Brilliant to hear from you – never ignore what the dear old Royal Gazette turns up.

        Kind regards

        Dave Andrews

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