Senor Baja

Senor Baja is the last of the last – the “only” – as I’ve given the earlier kids away already. photo 2

And so that also makes him blessed, as i’ll leave him with his mother – Blessed X2 as he’ll also stay with the herd long term.

His journey into this world was destined to be fraught with danger. I travelled last week to the Mexican desert and had to leave his mother in the hands of my 3 midwives. Larry (the nodster) Moe (brother dog) and Curley (Dr. welby M.D.).

photo 3photo 1

The only good advice I could give them was to watch her – at least 2x a day – and if they saw any problems call the vet.

I waited daily for a text (my only communication in the desert) and finally it came – “1 up!” – Great News! (but of course this also meant “1 down” but still under the circumstances this was good news!) Then another text and more good news! “Its a feemy!” (girl).

So you can imagine my surprise when on my return I see that my “feemy” is actually a little billy! God Bless Senor Baja!


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