This Ol’ Man, He Played Six…

Before we talk cheese, – look who’s back living in Electric Lady Land?

SpotswoodIt’s Spottsy!

O.K. Make Six and it’s six real beauties! It went text book…until it came pressing time and the concrete weights I planned on using proved to be waaaayyy too heavy.

The main thing is not to panic, right?

So I kept my head and scrambled up some 2 qt. plastic buckets – they fit perfectly on top of the cheeses, but 2 qts. of water only weighs 4 lbs. – too light – so I added a five gallon bucket filled with 6 more qts. of water (another 12 lbs.) – o.k., nice.

It turns out Necessity (combined with a little panic) really is the Mother of Invention!

After a routine of flipping every hour for about 5 hrs., they were left overnight sitting in their molds. This morning I soaked them in a saturated brine for 5 hrs., then popped them into the ripening fridge.

But they are just “posers” for now, as it’s all in the ripening with these cheeses – 60 days of 56F and 85-90 RH combined with a healthy dose of love and attention.

And no more wax! I learnt a painful lesson last year that when waxed, the finished cheese becomes something akin to eating stinging nettles! “Even the ants wouldn’t eat it!”  was one review I received, (Ouch!)

So 2 will be soaked in vino, 2 coated in Rosemary (especially for my friend Julie!) with some Spice leaves and Surinam cherry leaves and 2 will be rubbed with Coconut Oil (my new favourite oil) – and we’ll just have to see. Stay tuned!


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