Queijo Da Ilha Make 13

Queijo Da Ilha Make 13

We just chocked up another successful Saturday “workshop” at Tucker’s Farm (thanks Kearsley and Sarah!), producing three beauties from 20 gallons of raw goats milk – “Queijo da Ilha” – which simply means “Island Cheese” in Portuguese – (not that I know a lick of Portuguese, other than a few choice schoolboy swears).

I’ve read this is the local name given to Azorean cheese which isn’t strictly Sao Jorge – and seeing how we’ve modified the Sao Jorge recipe a fair bit and seeing how we too are an island – well, it seems a most appropriate name.

It’s hard to describe the depth of satisfaction derived from making this cheese – no doubt like any romance it may lose its lustre at some point, but for now I’ll just enjoy being in the moment.

Queijo da Ilha make 13 (2)

Queijo da Ilha Make 13 above – Makes 6 & 9 below.

Something about the immediacy of a rennet curd and the robust nature of the work – the big molds and homemade weights – the anticipation of a great tasting cheese! (yes we do still live in hope!) – watching the rind develop over time, its patina of mellow browns and benevolent mold splotches – (check out the cheeses on the shelf below, a few weeks older and rubbed down with coconut oil dontcha know!)

Sure the lactic curd even at 2x a week is always a challenge – the fussy little pyramids still mystifying and mercurial – but changing gears to the rennet curd every now and then – it’s just like a hitting that long downhill on a countryside bike ride – ya sit back, relax and feel the wind on your face.


2 thoughts on “QUEIJO DA ILHA

    1. Hi Glenna – What we did was pretty damn similar to what i’ve detailed in my last post, Sao Jorge – Number 9. New England Cheese Making have the full Sao Jorge recipe somewhere on their website which was what we started with, – (Jim Wallace is the man!) we had to dumb it down a bit to suit our situation, so we’ll let you know how well it turns out after a couple of months of ripening! Good luck!!

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