The words “Goat” and “Cooperative” in the same sentence? – there’s some irony for you!

God bless ‘em.


It’s a small group of “like-minded” dairy farmers who have joined together to support one market for their milk. “Like-minded” and “Dairy farmers” in the same sentence? – now there’s REAL irony!

O.K. so the truth is, it doesn’t matter whether your dairy farm is neat as a pin and your milk is clean as a whistle – that’s only half the battle – the other half is having a market for your harvest.

I first started dairy work some twenty years ago – (which makes me a real “johnny come lately”) – for my compatriots, dairy work is a part of their culture – their roots – their upbringing – and is a labour of love and life style. But love doesn’t feed our animals – they need grain and hay and that takes money.

The number one gripe of local goat dairy folk for the past 20 years has always been the same – “the market” or more precisely, the lack of it.

And here’s an interesting fact that makes it all so much harder  – the price I currently get for a 6 ounce tub of cheese is the exact same price I got some 20 years ago when I first started making cheese!

A 50 lb bag of feed was about $8.00 back then! (its some 24$ today).

And I’ve never been to Greece – or Israel for that matter – but I compete daily against their dairy farmers – we all do – and all the other dairy farmers from the 4 corners of the world! I’m not upset or discouraged by this fact– but it’s just the reality of the world we live in.

Among other things, the BERMUDA DAIRY GOAT COOPERATIVE establishes guidelines for the harvesting and storage of milk (ice cold in a New York minute!) and ensures milk quality control.

So people, when you purchase a dairy product with THE BERMUDA DAIRY GOAT COOPERATIVE on the label, be assured that you are purchasing an ALL NATURAL, FRESH, NUTRITIOUS, DELICIOUS product and are playing your part in supporting LOCAL FARMERS!

The next time you are doing your shopping forget all those “Almond”, “Soy”, “Lactaid Free” “whatever whatever” milk substitutes that crowd the shelves nowadays in every grocery store – it’s all bullsh*t!

THINK GOATS MILK! THINK LOCAL! (um um, ahn ahhn, inna doe!)



  1. We tried the milk today and the whole family loved it! My children requested we buy this every day – so we’ll be joining your market. I love buying local and fresh. Thank you

  2. The processed milk substitutes are a con perpetuated by those wishing to profit from the dangers of the regular, pasteurized, homogenized, hormone laden, puss filled, grain fed, antibiotic laced glow-in-the-dark cows milk. Think global but act local. The large companies with the pretty, quaint, farm photos on their products care only about money, not the health and well being of either their udder slaves or their customers. If you choose to consume animal products, then pay the extra money for local and organic. It is cheaper in the long run. We buy Tuckers Cheese and the price is irrelevant. Laureal…Because I am worth it! What are you telling yourself when you eat the cheapest Market Place crap you can buy. You do not put cheap gas in a Lamborgini. The other products have hidden costs. Your engine will seize up before you get to your destination.

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